Gisa Ellis – Founder of

‘Being your own boss is great, you can choose which 18 hours a day you work.’

Gisa is an entrepreneur, author and coach. She has used her long-term international business experience and knowledge to create and develop GoGilvah. This is based on her vision ‘that female entrepreneurs and business women anywhere in the world have access to advice and support from mentors and consultants to help them to accelerate and grow professionally and personally. She is an appointed mentor for female business professionals within the Aspire Foundation Mentoring scheme.

Sharon Atkins – Marketing and PR

Responsible for managing and building the online communities, whilst implementing the social content and community strategies. Online reputation management. Blog content contributor. Engaging with the online community and creating conversations with online influencers and experts. Content strategy and implementation. Writer and copywriter. Generating content for newsletters, press releases and PR related communication. Research and activation pertaining to the online industry, online trends and behaviour as well as current business, marketing and entrepreneurial information and trends.

Lateral Dynamics – Software Development and Management

‘Too hip to be square.’

Entrepreneurs Wayne Crocker and Theuns Erasmus of Lateral Dynamics (Pty) Ltd have over 50 years of experience in developing custom software solutions for their customers. They have assisted companies by developing unique applications aligned to their business requirements. Applications are hosted and supported, allowing customers to focus on gaining the return on their investment. This knowledge and experience is now being invested into TechVine – a partnership between Lateral Dynamics and Gisa Ellis – building applications to enable people to engage globally in the online professional market. is based on the tailor-made smart scheduling software developed by Techvine.

Macrocosm – SEO and Web Design

‘The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google’

Marocosm Ultra Digital is the creator of the much-revered Digital M-Theory. This is the name they have given to their process of using digital tools to create real-world customers.

They make use of a formula that includes the correct Domain Names, managed Social Media, written and visual Content Creation, organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), all delivered in and around Responsive Website Design, (that works equally well on both PC and Mobile devices), AND is optimised for the best search engine results, with a live non-opt-in Chat Box for you to Convert the hot leads.

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