Do What You Love and Get Handsomely Paid for It

Gisa Ellis asks- When you make a big decision or big life changes in order to be more authentic to yourself e.g. when changing jobs or starting a new business, how do you know that you are on the right path, and where can you get the strength from to handle and cope with all the challenges that come with it?

Dr John Demartini answers- It goes back to the value system. Every human being has a unique set of priorities or values in life, what is important to them. First, I say that they should go through my Value Determination Process, which is a 13 step questionnaire that helps them identify what is truly congruent and valuable to them.

Whenever they are doing something that is high on their values their energy goes up and whenever they are doing something that they think is interfering with that or that is lower on their values their energy levels go down.

Whenever you are doing things that are high on your values, the executive centre of the brain comes online, which is involved in inspired vision, strategic planning, execution of plans and self-governance. You are going to find yourself less volatile, you will find yourself more energized, you are going to see things on the way and you are going to end up with more strategies to get through obstacles.

If you find yourself just wanting to get away and escape, somehow you are not on track. And if you are going and doing something that is draining you, that you are not inspired by, you will want to get away and take breaks. When you are not inspired you want to go and eat and consume, go on the internet, get distracted and take stimulant breaks like tea and coffee all because you are trying to avoid something.

When you are engaged in something you do care about, you don’t want to take breaks or even go and eat. So when you are doing something that is inspiring, you have more certainty, you don’t even want to go to bed because you are thinking about it. So if you can’t wait to get up in the morning and do something you love doing, you know you’ve hit it.

You might as well do what you love and get handsomely paid for it. I don’t know of anybody that can’t create an amazing business around what they love.

I am going to share a story about a lady that came to The Breakthrough Experience. The Breakthrough Experience is a way of helping people breakthrough whatever is in their lives.
So, this lady comes there and she is in her late twenties and I asked her this question (because the quality of your life is based on the quality of your questions)- what is it you would absolutely love to do in your life? And she thought about it and she says, one of the things that I love doing is spending time with my dog.

I said, great, you love your dog. She said, that is my life, my dog. She has a little Chihuahua and this is her life.

I said ok, so how can you get handsomely and beautifully paid to spend time with your dog and she says, I have no idea, who is going to pay me to be with my dog? I said, ask this question, how can I get handsomely and beautifully paid to do what I love and spend time with my dog.

If you never ask that you will have a vocation and a vacation split, you will have Monday morning blues, Wednesday hump days, thank God it’s Fridays and you will always have that split.
So she asked that question and she said, I have no idea. I said look, get creative and she says, I have no idea how I can get paid to spend time with my dog and she just went blank. I said think. Then all of a sudden an idea came to her.

She said, when people see me with the dog most of them want to take a picture because it is a cute little Chihuahua and when I walk with it everybody has to take a picture.
I said, what if you make him a model? And she goes, I’ve got nothing to lose. So she went to Central Park and made $5 the first day. Somebody paid her $5 to take a picture. She said I am the agent and you can’t take pictures unless you pay $5. People said oh, it’s worth it, so she posed the dog and got $5.

She went back and said, this is cool, I didn’t get dinner but I got my coffee. So she went back and she trained him how to walk on his feet, she got special sunglasses with little straps, she started making outfits for the dog and started making him into a professional model.

On the next round she made $15 after doing a few things. She was now paying for a meal. This was a number of years ago. So she got more creative, she trained him on how to walk with flair and with sunglasses on so he looked like a real movie star and she got him a special tux and other cool outfits.

Well, she made $125 after she got moving on it, just walking in Central Park and having people take pictures. She made cards as the agent and made him into a celebrity.
I guy came in and took pictures of him and said here is my card, I really believe that I could use your dog potentially in a marketing commercial that I am doing. So she said, ok, I am his agent, we will have to negotiate.

Well, have you ever heard of Taco Bell? That is the Taco Bell dog. His name is Eli and he became the Taco Bell dog. He made a lot of money and became famous around the world.
Now in the process of doing that, new clothes, new outfits, he started walking down runways at the Academy Awards, he became a celebrity.

So, this went on, and she ended up having 3 television station shows. She trained the dog further and this went on and on until she made about $22 million. She lives in a beautiful penthouse with the dog, she has a marriage certificate pretending that they are married and he has got his own butler and his own clothes line.

She is going bonkers with how do I get handsomely paid by doing what I love. She has made a fortune out of it. She sends me e- mails telling me what she is doing and keeping me up to date about 3 or 4 times a year and she has done amazing things.

All I know is she started with a simple question, what is it that I would absolutely love to do and how do I get handsomely paid to do it and what are the 7 highest priority action steps that I can do today to enable me to move one step closer towards that.

In the Breakthrough Experience that is what I do to try and help people to finally get to do what they love and get handsomely paid for it.

Dr. Demartini

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