I worked with an exceptionally skilled professional on GoGilvah.com with highly developed leadership and people skills. She was empathetic and discrete. She was adept at juggling competing priorities and exercised sound judgment. The whole experience was a pleasant one from the initial registering on GoGilvah.com to booking and paying to the online consultation via Skype.

Debbie Taylor

Through working with a professional advisor on GoGilvah.com I was able to create a well thought out business plan, serve more clients and improve my bottom line.
The booking system works well and the video consultation was done in the privacy of my office.

Lara Schmidt

Working with a business consultant on GoGilvah.com was extremely beneficial to me. The advice I received was valuable and assisted me in changing my behaviours so that my company would grow. The consultant showed expertise, emotional intelligence and an honesty in assessment.

Lorraine O’Brien

Working with a style consultant on GoGilvah.com changed my life. She helped me see myself and the clothes I chose to wear through new eyes. She explained the range of clothes I would even consider for myself, and she taught me what styles look best on my body. This was all done via a video consultation in my own home!

Taytum Hammond

My coach on GoGilvah.com has helped me turn my stressful business and family life into a more balance and productive lifestyle. I strongly recommend her and also GoGilvah.com. It was a seamless process to register online and then book with my advisor.

Roz O’Connell

My professional advisor had the capacity to quickly assess my situation and helped guide me in the right direction. We created a vision for myself and my business, identified key strategies and ways to execute this plan. GoGilvah.com does vet their professionals so that you know you are working with the best in the business.

Danielle Grobler

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