How to declutter your home

You know how the saying goes: ‘tidy home, tidy mind’. Physical clutter can create mental clutter. Decluttering can provide a sense of calm and transform your life by applying some much-needed order.

But if the idea of spending your summer clearing your clutter gives you a migraine, worry not, as Serena, organisation expert at TaskRabbit is here to share tips to help you combat clutter, freshen up your home and bring a sense of calm and order to your life.

The rule of three

‘Donate it, chuck it, move it’ is the Holy Grail for organised people. Take the 10-10-10 challenge! Give yourself an hour to identify 10 items to throw away, 10 items to donate, and 10 items to be relocated to their proper home. Life is easier when you know exactly where to find something. If you can’t find somewhere to store an item, consider whether it’s really something you need.

Why not take one bin bag and see how quickly you can fill it. This doesn’t have to be just for the bin, but could also be used to fill a bag with items to go to your local charity shop. By getting your housemates or your kids involved, you can even turn this into a competition, making it a fun and easy way to quickly organise your home.

If in doubt, delegate

If the thought of tackling the chaos fills you with dread, why not delegate to the experts? There are a cluster of apps and on-demand decluttering services available, such as TaskRabbit which enable you to find professionals in your neighbourhood to tackle the organisation tasks you simply don’t have the time or the skills to do.

It’s all about the lists

A to-do list can be helpful but when it’s seemingly endless or too vague, it becomes hard to prioritise what to tackle first. Begin by writing everything down, even the smallest task – such as cleaning your cutlery drawer. Next, highlight the three most important tasks you need to get done.

When you’ve completed these priorities, STOP. Do this every day. Keeping tasks short and manageable will stop you feeling overwhelmed and ensure you’ll be able to fit these easily into your daily routine.

Use smart storage solutions

Live in a box room? Fear not, there are still solutions for getting your clutter under control. Clever storage solutions can be a lifesaver – take for instance, your bathroom sink. Life can be manic and clutter often builds up in the bathroom. To avoid over spill, try keeping all your essential toiletries in one pretty storage basket which you can keep beside the sink.

For small bedrooms, under bed storage is essential. Use pull-out boxes that will hide away clothes and spare bed linen.

Finally, kitchens tend to be the worst culprit for gathering clutter and miscellaneous items, from letters and newspapers to headphones. If you’re struggling to fit all your cooking equipment into the cabinets of a tiny kitchen, consider mounting a pegboard to hang all your essentials, or use a magnetic strip to store knives on the wall and save on drawer space. Problem solved!

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