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Gisa Ellis asks- If someone is sitting in a job that they don’t enjoy and feeling trapped, how can they be more fulfilled and content or improve that situation?
Dr John Demartini replied-
I have the opportunity to work with people who face that, who live with that and what I tell them is that there are no mistakes. Where they are is on the way not in the way and I explain to them that if they don’t decide exactly what they want to do they’ll probably be trapped doing things that do not inspire them.
I first start by having them go through my Value Determination Process which is a 13 step questionnaire that helps me and them identify what is truly valuable to them, what is most important to them. Everybody lives by a set of priorities and a set of values in life, things that are most important and least important to them. We need to identify what that highest priority is, what is really most important, because whenever they are doing something within that high priority, they will feel more alive, more fulfilled, more inspired and they can’t wait to get up in the morning and do what they are doing.
So finding that out first, then seeing if we can’t come up with a plan or career path that allows that to excel. I rarely run into somebody that I can’t help define that. If they don’t have a clear path of what they want to do as an entrepreneur or as somebody who is a specialist in some path they probably are going to be taking job positions that are just for survival.
Realise what is most important
The second thing that I do is get them to realise that the job that they are in right now has a job description. Once we identify what their values are, what is really most important and where they want to go, the wise thing to do is to ask how specifically is the job duty that they are doing now, each of the daily actions that they have to do, how is this helping them fulfil their highest values and assisting them as a transition to where they want to go. So if they can see how it’s on the way, not in the way, their energy levels will go up and possibly opportunities or even income can go up within the job while they are getting ready to transition in life.
If they don’t have a clear path of where they want to go, they will feel trapped inside. I always say, either go and do what you love and delegate low priority things or love what you do as a temporary step towards that. So, if they can go in there and take the job description, find out how it is helping them fulfil their highest values and helping them in the long run towards their objective, they won’t see that job as a drain, they will see it as a stepping stone and they will be grateful for the job and see it as an opportunity.
And they may be able to take that job that they have now and turn them into a client at their next company. But, if they don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to work in another field, then you want to ask, why did they take that job position, why not just go after the field you know you want and start going and getting specialized knowledge in it or be willing to start from the bottom and work your way up and prove yourself.
More fulfilment
I always say start with what your values are, because if any time you are doing something on a daily basis that is helping you fulfil your highest value, you will have more fulfilment, you will have increased engagement. When most people have increased engagement in the job that they have, more opportunity will come out of it that will allow them to go to the next step.
I have just worked with somebody who was in a job that was uninspiring and what their love was, was something different and they never saw the connection between them. They said I did this because it makes me money and I do this because I love it. They haven’t figured out how to paid handsomely to do what they love yet, so they are trapped because they need a certain income.
So I told them of ways that they can make great income doing something that they love to do and then I showed them how doing what they did was not a mistake. Because they have that experience, that could be the actual network that they could build the next company through. The light bulbs just went on.
Shifting perspectives
So if they went in and targeted that and built it and used it to catalyse that next step. They just never saw that in their life. I just shifted their whole perspective, now they were actually really invigorated going to work and saying I can use this, this is not a mistake. This is not in the way; this is actually on the way.
I always want to ask how specifically is whatever I am doing helping me fulfil my mission on earth, my highest value and how does it help me get to where I want to go. If you ask that you won’t be a victim of your history, you will be the master of your destiny. You will get fuel; you won’t be drained.

Dr. Demartini

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