8 Keys to Change your Life

Are you are thinking of going after your dreams, getting fit or changing your appearance, or are you facing a difficult situation like a divorce or disagreement in your family?

I work with people from all over the world on my online consulting platform Gilvah.com and one thing they all have in common is a desire to live their best life.

I have shared the key learnings that I have experienced in my life. I hope I can help you to find the courage to go after the life you truly desire – you deserve it!

Key 1. Trust Yourself

While growing up I was taught not to trust my intuition, but to rely on my rational mind and the opinion of other people instead. Whenever I ignored my intuition and my inner voice though, things did not go well and I found myself in situations which I could have otherwise avoided.

Any decision about your life is down to you, because you have to live with the consequences. Listen to yourself and trust yourself before you take on someone else’s opinion. Never go against your own gut feeling.

Key 2. You Can

I struggled with my self-confidence for many years and I still do at times. Looking at other amazing women I used to wonder how I could possibly compare to them. At some point I realized that when you compare yourself with someone else you compare an apple with a pear. I then started to focus on finding out who I was, what my strengths were and what I had to offer. Eventually I came to the conclusion with all my imperfections, overall I am not doing too bad. You are a beautiful and unique human being with your own purpose.

Key 3. Dream Big and Clear

Life gives you what you feel you deserve and what you expect to have. This was a hard one for me to swallow, because it put the responsibility back on me. When I realized that I was the creator of my own destiny I had to stop blaming circumstances or other people.

Your ideal life starts with your dream, so dream big. Make sure what you dream about is what you really want, what serves you and what makes you feel passionate and happy. Be clear and see yourself already where you want to be– if you can dream it you can have it!

Key 4. Prepare

It is one thing to know where you want to go; it is another to know how to get there. I suggest you define where you want to go, look at where you are at and establish the gap in between. Try to work out what steps you need to take to bridge the gap between the two.

Put the key steps on paper and keep looking at them to monitor your progress. Don’t be afraid to adjust your plan of action if circumstances change. There is a reason for everything.

Key 5. Mix Well

I used to be very open and tell everybody everything they wanted to know. I always wanted to be honest and I could not imagine that other people would not have my best interest at heart. I figured that if I gave other people unconditional love they would return the same. However, I came to understand that people are at different stages in their life and their views might not necessarily match mine. Be careful who you share with and be wary to what you disclose.

Key 6. Just Do It

I can be a master procrastinator at times, especially when I don’t have real, hard pressure on me. Then I start putting things off for the next day, especially the things I don’t like to do. I find tons of reasons why I should go the gym – again, read that book, call that friend, cook or ‘research’ as I call it.

You can dream, think and plan as much as you like. There comes a point when you just have to do what it takes to make it all happen. Whatever you can do today don’t put it off until tomorrow because who knows what challenges you will face tomorrow.

Key 7. Be Brave and Fearless

I can’t remember how many times I woke up at night sweating, my heart pounding wondering if I made some right decisions in my life. Many times I thought about trying to revert things back to where they used to be. Even though I knew I had not been happy at least I figured I would be back in my comfort zone.

Fear can be a good thing because it can show you real danger zones and prevent you from harm. However, when it is unfounded and you give in, it can also stifle you and keep you in limbo. This moment is all you have and you can only do the best you can right now and face the next moment when it is here.

Key 8. Knocked Down ≠ Knocked Out

I still get disheartened and down when things don’t move the way I envisaged them to. I get especially disappointed when someone lets me down, but I came to realize that it is best not to expect too much from other people in the first place. Then I can see every kindness coming to me as a gift, a bonus.

Not everything goes to plan and sometimes nothing goes to plan. As frustrating as it is, the only thing you can do is to accept it, to stay calm and to work on alternatives. Whatever happens, never lose your sense of humor and do keep smiling.

Endings and Beginnings

Understand that an ending is at the same time a beginning. When you set the intent to change your life certain people and circumstances will leave your life. Let go with blessing. You might feel sad or even lonely for a while, but this is just a phase. New people and circumstances more suited will eventually enter your life. Live in the moment. Be grateful. Be real. Have an open heart. Follow your own tune and love others so much to allow them to follow theirs.

If you struggle to do it on your own, there are amazing professionals out there to help you.

If you need advice about a specific issue, ask someone who knows what they are talking about, like the experts on Gilvah.com.

You can’t know everything, so there is no harm in asking questions. Only real and brave people admit when they need help.

Adapted from my eBook. Download and read the full version of the free eBook here.

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