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An online platform conceived for women


Gilvah was designed to be a true, one-stop professional online service. The service is transforming how women seek professional, one-to-one advice and support from the likes of coaches, accountants, financial advisers, fitness experts, and nutritionists amongst others.

Gilvah was born from the vision of European entrepreneur Gisa Ellis: to make use of available technology to make professional, personalized advice available and accessible to all women across the world. As Gisa explains, “As women, we juggle many responsibilities. We lead busy lives and this can make it tricky to commit to meeting with a professional on a regular basis – especially if you have to travel to their offices. As a result, far too many women go without the trusted support, which could help then make positive changes in their lives.”

And it is precisely on this latter point that Gisa emphasizes: “ is ready to empower ambitious women and help them create a beautiful life.” Her dream is that all women find the courage to commit to living the lives they dream of. According to her, all women are capable of connecting to their own deep needs, and once they do, a world of possibilities opens up for them.

This passion for women’s empowerment stems from Gisa Ellis’ own experience of suffering. Her divorce was the catalyst for her to start connecting to herself, to recover her self-esteem. She discovered that there is life after separation, and she dedicated herself to creating a life based on authenticity and self-expression.

Gilvah was born to facilitate this path for all women. “I see as the natural next step for women who want to work one-to-one with a professional, but can’t find or make the time to meet an expert locally. By using the platform to book a virtual consultation, women are no longer constrained by geography, 9-5 appointment times or the situation at home. Instead, they can benefit from the expertise of professionals in different countries and different time zones, and receive trusted advice in their own home.”

British-born Dr. Sam Collins, Founder and CEO of Aspire and selected by Queen Elisabeth II as ‘One of The Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’, confirms how Gilvah benefits users and professionals offering their services through it: “Gilvah is an innovative and needed new platform for women that I would highly recommend. As women, we need a trusted ‘hub’ where we can go to seek the advice of experts in all areas of our life and work. This not only saves time but serves women through the counsel of professionals dedicated to supporting personal growth. As a professional member, it really is a great opportunity to join a growing platform to serve, raise your professional profile globally, and reach more clients. Love it!”

There are two ways of joining the platform, as an ‘Expert’ and as a ‘Member’. Professionals, male or female, can sign up to Gilvah and join the professional database. Once registered, experts can upload their profile, which includes a video interview with Gisa Ellis, and use the platform to avoid the administrative burden often associated with virtual consulting. The Gilvah software seamlessly handling the bookings, email reminders, and invoicing. Meanwhile, professionals can grow their business exponentially and promote their services and digital products to a global client base of women who are proactively seeking expert advice. Gilvah also offers professionals the opportunity to contribute to the platform’s blog, which is another means of marketing their business.

Author, Life Coach and Speaker Fiona Juan tells how she has benefitted from offering her services through the platform: “Gilvah is a refreshing take on coaching. As a working mom, my schedule is often unable to accommodate extended office hours and I found that my clients and I kept different schedules. As a coach, one often has clients who find synergy with your style, rather than your location.”

Women clients can join the platform as members for free and book virtual consultations with recognized experts across a range of categories, from the comfort and convenience of their own home, without the need to travel to the experts.

Gisa Ellis dreams of turning Gilvah into a community, a global network at the service of women, and a virtual working platform for professionals from all over the world.

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