Attracting More Women Clients in Your Online Consulting/ Coaching Business

I’m passionate about helping ambitious women find the personal, professional, time-saving support they need to create a “beautiful life”.

It’s my aim to make my online consulting business, a “go to” resource for women seeking professional help for business and personal reasons.

Are you a coach, financial advisor or other similar professional?

Do you enjoy supporting and helping ambitious women solve their problems and create positive change?

If so, keep reading, because I think you’ll be interested in this new way to find female clients and grow your business.

Let me explain…

Women benefit enormously from one-to-one advice

When women struggle with aspects of their life, it can be a challenge to find the expert help they need.

Whilst there’s plenty of information online, rarely does this provide enough direction to create the change they want to see.

You don’t need me to tell you the difference personalized, professional advice can make to someone’s life – that’s what you do.

The challenge is that many women don’t know who to talk to, who to trust, and how to get started.

Are virtual consultations really the way forward?

Now, you might believe that in person, face to face consultations are always the best option when working with women.

But is this really the case for your clients?

If women can only meet you at your place of work, geography and time restrictions will limit your scope. And that’s what gives virtual consultations a distinct edge in this modern world.

Women like the flexibility to choose when and where they receive expert advice. They also value the wider choice of being able to work with trusted experts from a different country. Video consultancy breaks down local boundaries and massively broadens scope for women who want to change their life.

In addition, online consultancy offers women far more privacy and control. No one need know that they’re seeking expert support – and due to the lack of time constraints, women can get advice during the hours that work best for them.

In short, by making it easier for women to book your time, you increase the chances of the consultation happening at all. What’s more, once you’re free of any geographical constraints, you can work with women who live in different time zones and maximize your downtime.

As such, your business can grow and your reputation can spread.

Introducing a new way to offer your one-to-one expertise is a brand new platform that makes it easy for women to get the expert advice they need from professionals like you.


  • Women can obtain information, search the directory of experts, and chat on the forum. They can also book online consultations to receive professional, personalised advice in the privacy of their home
  • Experts (such a coaches, accountants, and financial advisors), can help these women by sharing their expertise, selling digital products, and offering online consultations

In short, helps professionals (like you) grow your business with the help of modern technology.

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