Benefits of a Skype Consultation



Do you want to serve more clients internationally, conduct more online consultations and share your expertise?

There’s a new trend emerging – consultations over Skype! This can be used in many industries from beauty, health and anti-aging to finance and business, education, coaching and training. Skype allows you to receive the full benefit of a face to face consultation but from the comfort of your own home or while you are travelling.

Skype is free software that is easy and fast to download and uses your internet connection to make free calls to anyone else in the world that also has Skype. With a webcam, you can also make video calls and have the benefit of sitting face-to-face with your expert or professional wherever you are in the world.

I have had great success in connecting with clients and customers all over the world. So what are some of the benefits emerging from this global trend?

Help people all over the world

When you remove geographical restrictions from your practice, suddenly you can work with clients from anywhere.

And this in itself brings new opportunities for you…

For starters, this gives your fee structure more scope. Depending on your positioning, you can create an expert status that extends way beyond your locality.

When you work from anywhere, you can consult across different time zones. As such, it’s entirely feasible to work evenings around the children (for example) – because those evening hours will be someone else’s daytime.

You could find this simple shift provides the perfect opportunity to create the work-life balance you really desire.

Cost savings

If you consult with clients virtually, you don’t necessarily need physical premises from which to work.

You could even work from home and fit your business around your other priorities. All you need is a high-quality webcam, a decent microphone and access to an online consultation tool such as Skype.

Once you lose the requirement to work from a specific place, you also gain flexibility. You could work from anywhere and you won’t be tied to one particular place.

And because you have fewer business expenses, your profit margin could increase.

Convenience and Flexibility

In this Skype setting you can interact from the comfort of your own home, from your office or wherever you wish. You can also work flexibly across different time zones.

You can find, book and talk to professional experts in your country or abroad. Embracing the ability to work internationally also transforms your personal flexibility.

If clients can only meet you at your place of work, geography and time restrictions will limit your scope. And that’s what gives virtual consultations a distinct edge in this modern world.

People like the flexibility to choose when and where they receive expert advice. They also value the wider choice of being able to work with trusted experts from a different country. Video consultancy breaks down local boundaries and massively broadens scope for people who want to change their life.


In addition, online consultancy offers people far more privacy and control. No one needs to know that they’re seeking expert support – and due to the lack of time constraints, people can get advice during the hours that work best for them. No one can overhear and hopefully you will not be interrupted.

In short, by making it easier for the client to book your time, you increase the chances of the consultation happening at all. What’s more, once you’re free of any geographical constraints, you can work with clients who live in different time zones and maximize your downtime.

So you have a wonderful option at your disposal. is the INTERNATIONAL ONLINE ADVISORY PLATFORM FOR WOMEN.

It’s a safe place where women can seek advice and book one-to-one online Skype consultations with professionals, just like you.

And as a professional member, you can use the platform to serve more women, raise your professional profile, and find more clients. Experts (such a coaches, accountants, and financial advisors), can help these women by sharing their expertise, selling digital products, and offering online consultations.

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