Creating and Selling your Digital Products

On our online platform you can sell your digital product to anywhere in the world when you register with us as an expert professional. If you are a consultant, trainer, advisor, therapist, nutritionist or coach you can consult online via SKYPE using our innovative software and online platform.

With that you are adding additional value to your clients experience and earning an additional income. I have created and sold eBooks and also bought, downloaded and used various courses, trainings and personal development programmes – it makes things so much easier.

With digital products you don’t have factories, suppliers, shipping and other operational issues. Customers pay good money for a “product with no weight or volume”, which actually does not cost you much to produce. Your potential customer will buy your product based on their needs and your product’s visibility and credibility.

What are digital products?

The most popular digital download is still the eBook. All you need is a good idea, some writing skills and an internet connection. Other examples include, Tutorials and Lessons, Software and Apps, Manuals in an electronic format, Music Files, Website Templates, Photography, Videos and Courses, Artwork, Games, Plugins and Graphics and Clipart.

Digital products may also be called digital goods, electronic goods or e-goods.

How to value your digital products?

Many people are packaging and selling their expertise online but how do you make it profitable?

Don’t rush into a price and don’t make the mistake of charging too little. When something costs more it is perceived to be of higher value.

Look at your experience and the expertise that went into the making of your product. Take into account the time and the resources that were required. Research what a similar, competitive product is selling for. If you are teaching a skill that makes money for people you can charge premium rates.

To simplify things…

Clarify your target market

Sell something that is truly valuable

Create a solid marketing plan

Offer packages at tiered pricing e.g. a book and tutorials

Just get started and get selling

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