Retirement Reinvented

“Retirement is a man-made myth and the value of spending your life doing what you love and loving what you do is priceless.”
– Dr. John Demartini

You don’t need to retire! You can still be productive, make money and work from the comfort of your home.

If you provide a service like coaching, teaching, consulting, training, advising, accounting or other professional services, you can still provide support and help clients via online consulting. You can share your expertise and even sell digital products.

Now, you might believe that in person, face to face consultations are always the best option when working with your clients and you might ask, do virtual on-line consultations really work?

I am telling you YES, they do work! I work with clients and service providers all over the world and this is what I have learnt;

If a client can only meet you at your place of work, geography and time restrictions will limit your scope. And that’s what gives virtual consultations a distinct edge in this modern world.

Clients, particularly women, like the flexibility to choose when and where they receive expert advice. They also value the wider choice of being able to work with trusted experts from a different region or even country. Video consultancy breaks down local boundaries and massively broadens scope for women who want to change their life.

In addition, online consultancy offers women far more privacy and control. No one needs to know that they’re seeking expert support – and due to the lack of time constraints, women can get advice during the hours that work best for them.

In short, by making it easier for women to book your time, you increase the chances of the consultation happening at all. What’s more, once you’re free of any geographical constraints, you can work with women who live in different time zones and maximise your downtime.

As such, your business can grow and your reputation can spread.

You are never too old to work and be of service to the world. Focus on the skills you have acquired and experience that you have gained rather than your excuses and other people’s opinions. is a top international consulting platform that makes it easy for women to get the expert advice they need from professionals like you. And the best bit is you don’t even need specialist knowledge or complicated support processes to make the online consultations (and the other platform functionalities) work for you.

That’s because the Gilvah platform seamlessly handles all the back end admin on your behalf. You don’t need to waste time faffing with bookings, updates, confirmations or reminders. We’ll do that for you. In turn, you can offer online consultations with very little effort.

All these features on make it easier for you to build your “know, like, trust factor” with prospective clients – giving you a solid base to nurture the relationship that precedes them choosing you to work with on a one-to-one basis. You can raise your profile amongst a community of ambitious, proactive females – and help them get the results they want.

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