Tools Required for Online Coaching and Consulting

There are many benefits to consulting online including working with clients worldwide and also time and cost saving due to less travel experiences.

I work online all the time with my business We offer professionals like coaches, trainers, consultants and therapists an opportunity to grow their business and use our international online consulting platform.

Setting up as a self-employed consultant has become a popular move for people in a broad range of industries and sectors. These include health and wellness, beauty and anti-aging, finance and business and coaching and training.

In order to work effectively you will require the right setting and correct tools to make your work and consultations run smoothly and efficiently.


A comfortable environment with natural light is essential. Ensure that it is quiet, free from distractions and that you have privacy when conducting online consultations.

You will need a computer or laptop, high-quality webcam, a decent microphone and access to an online consultation tool such as Skype. A wireless hub is ideal so if you are working on a laptop you have the flexibility to work anywhere, and at both sitting and standing heights.


Skype is a free software system that is easy and fast to download and uses your internet connection to make free calls to anyone else in the world that also has Skype. With a webcam, you can also make video calls and have the benefit of a face to face consultation with your clients wherever they are in the world.

Skype consulting enables you to find a day and time that works with your schedule and your clients. Because there is no travelling required to a physical office, Skype consulting saves you the time you could be spending in traffic. This also has the convenience of allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home.


It is helpful to use a headset whilst consulting and speaking to a client as you want to be able to hear well and for the client to hear you perfectly. You want the headset to be of a high quality and to come with a sound level dial and a mute switch.


Drop Box allows you to synchronize your files so that you have the most up-to-date information available wherever you are. The file sharing feature allows your clients to share certain file folders and information with you. Dropbox keeps a back-up of all your files on their server, so in the event your computer crashes, you’re covered!


You will either need to create or download a scheduling system that automatically sets up consults and coaching sessions and syncs these to your calendar. You will want both you and the client to receive an appointment confirmation and a reminder.

Online coaching is a powerful tool. Take advantage.

You can let, the international online advisory platform do this for you.

The Gilvah platform seamlessly handles all the back end admin on your behalf. You don’t need to waste time faffing with bookings, updates, confirmations or reminders. In turn, you can offer online consultations with very little effort.

Gilvah also offers the following;

  • Unlock huge potential to grow your business by working with clients worldwide on our international platform
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  • Benefits of an automatic time zone conversion on the system created for your clients ease of booking

Do what you do best and let Gilvah do the rest.

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