To register as a professional on GoGilvah.com, click on Connect tab on the home page, then select the option to register as a Professional Advisor.

There are currently three options for professional experts
Early Bird Special- 12 Months- US$70. Valid until the 31 March 2017
12 Months- US$150
24 Months- US$200

In order to ensure the integrity of the GoGilvah site, we vet professionals so that people who register have peace of mind they are dealing with trusted professionals.

 As the website is global, you would need to set your time location to allow the smart scheduling software to offset for bookings in different time zones.

 You will need the following information for your profile:
Full name
User name (must be between 8-14 characters)
Password (must be between 8-14 characters)
Contact number
Address & Post code
Skype ID
Languages you will be able to consult in
A short biography
Your personal slogan
Inspirational quote
Specialized field
Your rate (this will need to be a half hourly rate for the online consultations)
Profile Photo

The registration process has been broken into steps and can be saved at any point, this enables you the opportunity to find information that you may not have to hand at the time or registration. This also enables GoGilvah to vet each professional before confirming their profile on the site.

 This allows you the flexibility of making yourself available at times that are more convenient for you to do online consultations.

 You will be able to manage view your profile and account, view and manage open or past sessions, view your billing statement, as well as share via social media.

Currently Outlook does not sync automatically with our online calendar, however any bookings or scheduling made in the GoGilvah online calendar will update your Outlook calendar.

 Clients will choose the category they would like to search; they are then able to search for a professional by location.

You will receive an email notification and calendar invite from the site.

 You will receive an email notification from the site. You can also view what has been purchased on your account

 Clients pay using debit/credit card or PayPal account on the site.

 No booking will be confirmed without payment. You are able to view sessions completed and paid for on your profile.

You will receive a billing statement from us at the end of each calendar month which records the number of consultations which you have attended for the past calendar month.

You agree that, in respect of each consultation which is scheduled between you and a User, GEWC Limited shall be entitled to a commission equal to 10 per cent (10 %) of the amount you receive from a User for the provision of the Services or such other percentage commission as agreed between us in writing (“Commission”). Commission on digital products sold via the platform is 30%. At the end of a calendar month, you will deliver a complete and correct invoice for the consultations carried out by you in the relevant month to GEWC Limited which invoice GEWC Limited undertakes to pay within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt.

The Commission shall be deducted by GEWC Limited from amounts received from Users as consideration for the provision of the Services by you.

The Commission does not include value-added tax (“VAT”) and, if relevant, you agree to pay the applicable VAT to us in addition to the Commission against our invoice.

GoGilvah will use your Q&A interview to promote your profile on our social media sites, as well as YouTube and the GoGilvah.com blog.

 We welcome articles to be included on the GoGilvah.com blog under the category relevant to your profile.

 Yes, your Q&A interview and any articles for the GoGilvah.com blog may be featured on social media.

 From the home page, click on the Connect tab, then select become a member.

 Registration as a member is free.

 As the website is global, you would need to set your time location to allow the smart scheduling software to offset for bookings in different time zones.

 Consultations are done online via the website; therefore a Skype ID is required to enable the professional to connect with you.

 Select the category you wish to search from the home page, you will be directed to the category home page. By clicking on ‘Book an Expert’ you will be able to search a list of professionals. You can also change the geographical location.

 Once you have found a professional with whom you would like to consult, you can click on the ‘Book a Session’. You will then be taken to the professional’s calendar in order to book.

 Yes, your Q&A interview and any articles for the GoGilvah.com blog may be featured on social media.

 You pay via the website using a debit/credit card or your PayPal account

 We ask you to ensure that you are online and ready to take the call on time, using the Skype ID you provided in your profile.

 Through the GoGilvah platform, you can access a wealth of useful information such as white papers and downloads forums, and weekly blogs.

 We welcome any articles that may be relevant for our blog as well as our news stories.

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