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Register as a member, receive updates and information. You can book with advisors and purchase their digital products.

Search the site for a professional advisor, click on the book session tab, then click on the word register, become a member and fill in all your details.

 A SKYPE account is required to register (SKYPE details are never shared. A secure link is sent only to the advisor that you have booked with)
Put in all your details and contact information. (Your personal details are never shared. Refer to our Privacy Statement.)
Create a username and password.

 You receive an e-mail with an activation link (this is to verify your e-mail and Skype details.)

 Log in with your details.

 Find the professional advisor that you want to work with. View their calendar in your time zone. Select a consultation time. You can then book.

 You will be sent to our secure payment site where you have the option of paying with a credit card or via pay pal.

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