Welcome to GoGilvah, the online platform for women business owners, start-ups and expert advisors.

Our aim is to provide business women with easy access to valuable expert advice without having to travel to the professional. The professional support we offer and facilitate in different ways is targeted to be tailored, solution oriented, valuable, informative and time saving.

On GoGilvah you have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with our expert advisors who assist entrepreneurs wanting to grow or scale their business
  • Start and build a successful business, make more money and discover your worth
  • Get advice on all aspects of business from international strategy to leading a team of innovators

GoGilvah offers you a unique resource of committed, creative and compassionate experts focused on the purpose to grow your business.

Our Values:

  • GoGilvah facilitates advice from experienced experts to grow and accelerate your business.
  • Women are born leaders and the world needs more of them.
  • We provide an online community of business women and entrepreneurs with the support they need.
  • We create a trusted online workplace to connect, collaborate, and succeed.
  • The GoGilvah platform helps business women to engage with other entrepreneurs.
  • We believe well-trained, well-supported, and well-networked founders accelerate faster.

Our vision for you, the expert advisor:

  • Do you enjoy supporting and helping women to thrive in business and create positive change?
  • GoGilvah.com is a international platform that makes it easy for people to get the expert advice they need from professionals like you.
  • We provide a platform where business women can book online consultations with you
  • Geographical constraints are removed and your flexibility is increased
  • We make your expert service more accessible to clients internationally
  • The GoGilvah platform seamlessly manages all the back- end admin on your behalf
  • You don’t waste time handling bookings, updates, confirmations or reminders. We’ll do that for you
  • Use the platform to serve more clients
  • Raise your professional profile

Our vision for you, the client:

  • To support you to thrive in all your business endeavours and create a work/life balance.
  • GoGilvah.com is an online consultation network and is here to help business women like you receive one-to-one advice from trusted professionals across a growing range of specialised niches.
  • You can interact with vetted professionals across a selection of categories covering the most important business matters
  • Connect with these experts one-to-one, via video consultations
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals

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